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Face of Yours – The Icons Representing Plus Size


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Our Face of Yours girls want to inspire and empower other plus size women.

The plus size clothing industry is certainly evolving. In recent years especially, more choice and variety has become available for the plus size woman from a wide range of brands.

This year, we have seen more plus size models walking at Fashion Week across the globe than ever before. We have seen Nike using plus size mannequins for the first time. Huge designers such as Dolce & Gabbana are now offering walk-in clothing available up to a UK size 22. For the industry, these are all movements in the right direction.

But there is a clear theme running throughout various plus size campaigns and advertising. More often than not, the models seem to be of a smaller size; they seem to have ‘that look’. Some have gone as far to say that brands only choose to show bodies that are “palatable” and use models who are “fat, but not too fat.”

Why should it be this way? Fashion is for all – it has no size, no rules and no boundaries. Here at Yours Clothing, we have a commitment to inclusivity of all shapes and sizes, as well as ethnicities, ages and identities.

That’s where our Face of Yours campaign comes in. We give real women with real bodies the chance to model our clothing, work in our stores and become the platform for our brand. These women come in a spectrum of sizes, but they hold one thing in common – they’re beautiful, they represent us and more importantly, they represent you.

Our winners stepping in front of the camera, some for the first time ever. From left to right: Sam, Andrea, Zoe and Tracey.

In today’s world, social media plays such a huge part in our lives. We’re all guilty of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, some of us daily, so it’s no wonder that social media is said to have a direct link with body image concerns.

A report into body image produced by the Mental Health Organisation found that “just over one in five adults said images on social media caused them to worry about their body image.” The results were also similar for images used in advertising.

As a brand, we want to tackle these concerns about body image by challenging the stereotypical perception of plus size women we see in the media. Our Face of Yours campaign has been running for five years now, and we are proud to showcase our clothes on a diverse range of plus size women.

It’s not just about appearances, either. Behind each of our winners, there are unique stories set to inspire and encourage others.

Here come the girls! From left to right: Maria, Justine, Zoe, Michelle and Kerrie.

Zoe, a mum of two from Billingham, lives with Lipoedema, a long-term chronic condition where the thighs, legs and buttocks become enlarged due to a build-up of abnormal fat cells. This can make her legs very swollen and sore, but Zoe doesn’t let anything hold her back from living her best life.

Tracey works as a nurse within the NHS and went on an incredible weight loss journey which saw her lose 10 and a half stone in just a year. Her inspiring story was shown earlier this year on ITV’s This Time Next Year and left us watching at home in tears.

Model Kerrie won the title of Ms International Curve in 2018, and actress Michelle has gone from previously working in a Yours Clothing store to becoming the face of our brand and musical theatre star.

Our girls are all confident, curvaceous and so inspiring. They are everything we stand for, they are the message we want to voice to our customers. Love and embrace the body you are in – irrespective of shape or size.

If you missed the full line-up of our Face of Yours winners for 2019, you can find them here.

Love our ladies as much as we do? Keep your eyes peeled – there’s more from them coming soon.

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