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How To Wear a Fascinator


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Unsure on how to wear a fascinator? With so many elements to consider – we’ve rounded up a few key points that will help you pick the perfect style. From what best suits your face shape to the style and colour of your hair and the fastening and positioning to wear it – find everything you need to know below.

Where To Wear A Fascinator

Serving as an easy and elegant alternative to a hat, the fascinator is the perfect finishing touch to all occasion wear ensembles. From race days to weddings and christenings, a fascinator is an easy way to elevate your outfit.


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How To Choose The Right Fascinator

Your outfit

Make sure you pick a style that compliments your dress and doesn’t distract attention away from it. Choose a complimentary colour that will enhance your outfit and not necessarily perfectly match. If you are choosing a monochromatic look, a fascinator is an easy way to add colour – whilst if you’re opting for a bit more colour in your outfit, a neutral fascinator could be your go-to.

Your Hairstyle

From big, bouncy curls to sleek and straight, if you are choosing to have your hair down a smaller fascinator will keep your look less busy. However, those with short hair or wearing their hair up, a bigger more detailed fascinator will effortlessly complement your appearance.

Your Hair Colour

Ultimately – the choice of colour is down to you and what you’re comfortable wearing. But if you’re looking for a little helping hand, we’ve summarised some of the best colours for each hair colour.

  • If you are a redhead choose deeper, earthier tones. From emerald greens to dark navy hues and teals.
  • If you are blonde, your neutral base is an easy canvas. Choose bright reds, cobalt blues, softer light pinks, corals and more natural hues.
  • Browns can opt for deeper, brighter shades. Think hot pinks, deep navy, bold reds and even yellows.
  • Finally grey hair, go for a warming red tone, a dark maroon or darkened navy hue.

Your Face Shape

For a more rounder face, a taller, more elegant head piece will elongate and give height. Whereas those with a narrower/thinner face may find a more rounded disc shaped fascinator to be the most flattering. Lastly, if you are planning on wearing glasses, a fascinator slightly smaller in size and with less detail will leave your look looking less busy.

The Season

The spring / summer seasons call for lighter, more breathable fabrics whilst the chillier autumn / winter months call for thicker fabrics such as velvet textures and woolen blend fascinators.

How To Style & Wear A Fascinator

Know your best side. Whilst traditionally fascinators were worn on the right side of the head – this is a tradition no longer in place. Simply wear on the the side you feel most comfortable with and of course, the side that sits perfectly with your hairstyle.

Types Of Fascinators

  • Clip & Comb – different, but similar. Easily adjustable and often the fascinator is smaller in size.
  • Headband – one of the most common styles. Bigger, more statement designs rest upon a headband.
  • Elastic – a secure style that fastens around the head. Small floral designs are often finished secured with an elastic fastening.


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Styling Your Fascinator

Flatter your facial shape and style your fascinator right. Just position to one side, slightly forward and in line with one eye – just above the brow. For the ultimate all-day style, just wash your hair the day before, lock the fascinator in place with hairspray and you’re good to go.


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