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Have you ever wondered what your partner thinks about your fashion sense? Do they really agree that the floral maxi dress goes with patent heels, or are they just humouring you? Would they give you a totally different look if they could?

We invited one of our bloggers, Emma, and her partner Chris to come into Yours Clothing HQ to style each other for one day.

Emma and Chris were given full control over each other’s wardrobe for 3 outfits. Emma noted that she prefers the minimalist look and tends to go for an all-black outfit with a contrasting coat or jacket, whilst Chris is a more relaxed jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

With this in mind, let’s see what items they picked for one another…

First up, Chris picked clothes that he wanted to see Emma wearing from the YC wesbite.

Outfit #1


So as you can probably tell, Emma wasn’t feeling 100% sure about this outfit!

Chris picked something that he could see Emma wearing for work. He chose the floral blouse because he wanted to see her wear a more feminine print; however he didn’t quite apprehend the sheer top/ visible bra situation! Chris chose sandals over heels because he thought that they would be more appropriate for the work place. (Emma hated the sandals… and the outfit combination!)

It’s worth mentioning here that Chris thought it was okay to wear sandals with tights… need we say more, or does Emma’s face say it all?

Outfit #2


You’ll notice that Emma was much happier with this outfit choice! The bardot top, jeans and heeled ankle boots combo is super flattering and the colours have a nautical feel which is totally on trend for this season. She was pleased that Chris had chosen something that she would have picked herself and said that she would wear the top as part of her every day look. Things are certainly looking up!

Outfit #3


Chris’s third outfit choice consisted of feminine florals on Emma’s favourite: a black base. He wanted to see Emma out of jeans, which is her usual go-to item of clothing. Although she wasn’t sure at first, Emma surprised herself by loving the outfit once she had tried it on. However, she wasn’t overly keen on wearing heels and said that she would team the dress with Chelsea boots and a leather look jacket instead.

Emma’s turn! Emma picked all of Chris’s items from the BadRhino website:

Outfit #1


For Chris, Emma decided to pick items that looked slightly smarter than his normal jeans and tee combo. Although he wasn’t overly keen on the high neck jumper, he loved the tan boots and said he could see himself wearing them for both smart and casual situations.

Outfit #2


Chris couldn’t help but laugh when he tried this outfit on, as Emma is “always trying to get him in a cardi”. Chris isn’t keen on the idea of wearing a cardigan because he associates them with older men. Apparently this was Emma’s chance to change his mind, but unfortunately she wasn’t successful – Chris is determined to hang on to his youth at every opportunity!

Outfit #3


This time Chris was smiling for all the right reasons. Emma went for a more formal look, choosing a fitted shirt, chinos and smart shoes. This outfit was a huge change from what Chris would usually wear, but it ended up being his favourite! Chris was surprised with how much he liked the clothes, and said that he would definitely like to wear lighter trousers or chinos again.

There were ups and downs and lessons were learnt but at the end of the day Chris and Emma were still friends! No fashion fall outs here!